3 Tips for Installing Garage Floor Epoxy

It is true that most of the people fail to understand the garage floor coatings ideas. What most believe in is that the only suitable covering of the garage floor is plain concrete. In real sense there are several garage flooring ideas which can meet your needs. Epoxy coating gives the concrete floor a clean and finished look. The polish makes the floor harder hence it is resistant to scuffing and abrasions. The floor cleaning becomes easier in cases of spills and the garage appearance becomes more cheerful and bright.

You will realize that that the process followed when applying floor epoxy is same as that of painting. When the epoxy floor paint is being applied on a new concrete, then it must be ensured that the floor is free of moisture and clean. The floor must also be free of oil, wax, grease and previously applied sealers with this products.

One part system

Many manufacturers have made it cheaper for those who are interested in epoxies.  You can be able to access epoxies which are user friendly, ready to use and which don’t require mixing before use. Their performance is appealing and it can be compared to two-part systems.  It is resistant to hot tyre marks, oil, gasoline stains, chemicals and grease. The recent varieties are UV stable and won’t chalk when applied to exterior slabs.

Two component breathable epoxies

As you can realize from the previous experience you can notice that many of the epoxies are not able to overcome moisture, for example concrete which usually have high rate of moisture evaporation. This is not the case to the two components; it can be used few days such as five days after it cures.

Fast-setting epoxies

For those who are familiar with epoxies it is clear that they do take a minimum of a day to dry between coats and the area should be cured several times before it is being put to use.  The recent or newer epoxies can cure in half a day and dry less than 30 minutes.

It doesn’t matter the type of epoxy floor paint you are applying, preparation of the floor is paramount. The stains which might be as a result of oil drips from vehicles or grease must be cleaned completely in order for the epoxy to bond with the concrete surface. The whole process is accomplished with quality degreaser. You can either use a solvent based degreaser or the one which is environmentally friendly.

You can do it by yourself by simply following the right steps. If you have the willingness to follow the steps correctly and basic hand man skills then you can do it by yourself. This is a project which can be accomplished quickly by a profession in epoxy floor coatings.  When you are choosing the best company to hire, you need to do much research. This will help you have the best services at a cheaper cost. Make your garage floor coating look clean and beauty all the time.

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