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Austin Industrial Flooring Company Making Waves

Word-of-mouth marketing is often thought to be essential for any business striving to gain a broader customer base. For Chad Miskowiak, owner of Garage Experts of Central Texas in Austin, Texas, word of mouth has proved to be one of the most powerful tools in his marketing toolbox.

Miskowiak undertook a project whereby Garage Experts completed an industrial epoxy floor coating for Crystal Finishing Systems, a powder coating plant in the area that had been experiencing pitting and cracking problems in its plant floor. To complete the job, the team had to install new flooring in the plant’s two paint rooms with the heaviest machinery.

Using the Roll on Rock system from Garage Experts’ preferred vendor, Versatile Building Products, Miskowiak and his team incorporated the Light Grey Flake using Base Coat Epoxy 4195, along with the 5310 chemical-resistant urethane topcoat. The result was an easy-to-clean, attractive floor that now allows the powder coating plant to manage easily its day-to-day operations without worrying about pitting, cracking or flaking on its work floor.

With a lifetime warranty protecting the plant’s floor against peeling on the base coat, Crystal Finishing Systems now has a work surface that’s durable enough to withstand dragging of heavy machinery and other wear and tear. The floor also is resistant to chemicals, dirt, and grime, so it’s easy to wipe clean—as well as prevent the clumping of powder on the plant’s floor.

Here’s where the word-of-mouth marketing comes in. Crystal Finishing Systems was so pleased with the result of Garage Experts’ work that the company referred Miskowiak to a glass company in need of new flooring. Miskowiak and his team are currently negotiating the project’s terms and expect positive results.

In his referral letter, Paint Supervisor Tom Nowak of Crystal Finishing Systems commented: “We are thrilled with the result and durability of the flooring. The way it cleans up is just exceptional. It cuts down dramatically on our clean-up time, saving us money, and that is something we all need to do these days. I am happy to recommend Garage Experts to all our customers, and we will use them to do all our flooring in the future.”use link at

Austin Industrial Flooring Company

With those types of positive referrals, a company like Garage Experts of Central Texas can expect to go far in a world that relies on good reviews from customers who have tried out a company’s products and services and experienced outstanding results. Without those referrals, it can be difficult for a business to make its mark.

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