What is the best coating for my garage floor?

One of the cheaper floors that exist is that of uncoated cement. The price is good, but it has some drawbacks: it is damp, easy to stain, produces fine dust, and does not have a good finish. A simple and economical solution is to paint with special floor paint that offers resistance to friction and can be washed. A simple garage floor coating will not cost you a lot of money and will provide you a nice look. If surface preparation care is taken to remove dust, loose parts, sand, grease, oil, mildew, mold, moisture, and following the dilution and drying orientation of the paint described on the garage floor painting kit, the paint provides a superior finish to the cemented floor.

Why so garage floor coating?

Besides renewing the environment, it is easy to paint, it is not expensive and you can change the color when you want, and with all this you can still apply various painting techniques on your floor, going from flat painting, applying the lists, and even squares. All this to renovate the floor of your house, sidewalks, and / or garage, that is, you can transform everything and any environment, you can hide the imperfections and still diversify the floor so that it does not have the same look for a long time. If you want to save even more, you can use industrial floor paint.

As previously said floor painting has several advantages, but probably the best of all is that it is much quicker to paint than to change the floor. In this case, you can perform “do it yourself”, after this entire task is not difficult; however you should be careful when performing this task.

Painting the Floor

You have decided that you will paint the floor yourself, take note of some tips, it is worth mentioning that the surface you want to paint needs to be clean so the industrial floor paint can adhere to the floor perfectly, remove all dirt from the hair, dust, grease, oil by car, anything that can get stuck in the paint, because after painting the floor anything left under the paint will be very noticeable.

You can paint the hardwood floors, cement, slate, rustic concrete, ceramics and other types of floors, and thus renew the look of your floor. Note that there are two types of acrylic paint and epoxy paint in several brands and also in several colors.

Follow some ideal tips for the floor

  • Repair and repair any cracks and holes completely. Wait for the cement to cure, which is 30 days;
  • Before painting, the surface must be clean. If the surface is old or already painted, use muriatic acid diluted with water or stone cleaning solution to remove impurities and open the pores of the surface, causing the paint to have better anchoring on the surface. After application of the solution it is necessary to wash with a detergent to remove the residues from the solution completely. With the floor completely dry, which usually takes two days, it is necessary to completely remove the dust that has remained on the floor;
  • For application, a roll of wool should be used. Make sure you have it in your garage floor painting kit. Attach an extension cord to the tool to allow the work to be performed standing up. For corners and cut-outs where the roller does not reach, you need a brush of light bristles;

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