What Is Easier: Staining or Painting Concrete Floors?

Concrete remains theonly floor coatings that you can leave incomplete as a building foundation or tool with an assortment of textures to fill in as a genuine completion surface. At the point when you use it as a complete material, you have the choice to paint or stain the surface contingent upon the look you want, and relying upon how the work escalated of an undertaking you have the opportunity to do.

What makes the Difference of Concrete Stain versus Concrete Paint?

There are two ways of thinking concerning concrete stain and paint. On one side, you have individuals who love stain. They express it’s the best way to embellish concrete. At that point, on the opposite side, you have the individuals who love paint. They guarantee industrial floor paint is the best alternative for sprucing up concrete. Before you can choose which option is best for you, you have to take a gander at the good contrasts between the …

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5 Things to Do Before Tackling Garage Floor Coatings

If you are planning on resurfacing your garage floor with a polyaspartic or epoxy coating there are some things to know to prevent problems later.

1. Moisture in Concrete

Concrete is mixed with water, which is a clear statement, but what happens during the curing procedure? The water combined with ash, sand, aggregates, and water makes a chemical reaction that turns the mixture into a hard substance. The curing cycle called hydration is part of the chemical process. Excess moisture will make its way to the surface leaving a trail behind it. As moisture rises to the surface, the concrete hardens and the path behind the water is an air hole or a vein. The moisture pressure pushes up and moves towards the surface through these pores.

2. Checking Moisture in Your Slab

The easiest way is to stick plastic tape to the floor in some areas. You can put heavy rubber mats on the floor as well. If after …

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Three tips to help you choose the right floor color

When you are choosing your garage floor painting, the one thing that you should also choose is the color of the flooring. This can be hard because so many people don’t really know how to choose the right flooring. This isn’t something that you can change when you are getting bored with the color of your floors. It is important to make sure that you are choosing the right color from the start. These are three tips that will help you choose the right floor color for your room:

The size of your room

The moment that you are choosing to epoxy floor painting, then the main color of the room is important when you are considering the right color.

The smaller the room, the lighter the color should be. You don’t want to choose a color that is going to make your room appear smaller than what it already might be. If you don’t really know which …

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What is the best coating for my garage floor?

One of the cheaper floors that exist is that of uncoated cement. The price is good, but it has some drawbacks: it is damp, easy to stain, produces fine dust, and does not have a good finish. A simple and economical solution is to paint with special floor paint that offers resistance to friction and can be washed. A simple garage floor coating will not cost you a lot of money and will provide you a nice look. If surface preparation care is taken to remove dust, loose parts, sand, grease, oil, mildew, mold, moisture, and following the dilution and drying orientation of the paint described on the garage floor painting kit, the paint provides a superior finish to the cemented floor.

Why so garage floor coating?

Besides renewing the environment, it is easy to paint, it is not expensive and you can change the color when you want, and with all this you can still apply various painting …

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The difference between a damp proof membrane and a vapour barrier


In relevancy sensitive meaning area they’re directly established by moisture floor coverings like designed wood associated laminate floors that are put in on high of an underlay, there’s a large idea concerning the way to shield them from rising wetness from any sub-floor. This text goes to form clear the distinction between a moist proof membrane and a vapour barrier.

Floor Designs

If you’re in the marketplace for getting associate designed or laminate floor or any sensitive floating covering for that matter, you’d little question has found data concerning underlays with inbuilt moisture/vapour barriers. The misunderstanding is that these wetness/vapour barrier underlays act as a control damp proof membrane to stop harm to your covering as moisture rises from the sub-floor. This can be incorrect and wide distorted (unknowingly) by staff and even folks deeper inside the flooring trade.

Damp proof membranes (DPM)

In the context of this text, a DPM, because the name suggests, is usually a …

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When it comes to owning a car, there’s one word that comes to mind above all others, and that’s “freedom.” Well, I guess it’s actually “car,” but you know what I mean. Anyway, owning a car is a freeing experience. After all, getting your driver’s license and your first car is like a baby bird learning to fly and leaving the nest for the first time. Your whole world opens up to you in an instant. With all of the trappings of our professional lives and social and financial obligations, it’s easy to forget all of the freedoms a set of wheels affords us, so we owe it to ourselves to take a look at some of the ways we can take advantage of that freedom. Here are some examples.

First and foremost, you can take you car on a camping trip. IF you wanted to, you could load up your car with some friends, some family, or both, some

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Concrete for Garage Floor Paint

Concrete floor paint can protect the integrity and appearance of your garage floor. Although concrete provides a very durable floor surface and one that can withstand a massive amount of stress and pressure, it is also very porous.

This makes it highly susceptible to staining, especially in areas that experience high volumes of foot traffic and continual exposure to oils, dirt and chemicals. Whether your concrete has only been recently installed or has been in place for some time, coating it with high-quality concrete floor paint can enhance its appeal and limit the likelihood of aesthetic damages.

Concrete floor paint can limit the growth of mold and fungi

In addition to making your floor surfaces far more attractive by giving them a high-gloss shine and an appealing color, these products act as an effective moisture barrier. Concrete for garage floor paint can be used in partially open garages and in other areas that have a regular exposure to the elements …

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What to look for when choosing the epoxy resin floor paint

A lot of home owners are anxious nowadays looking for the floor coatings, finishing and paints for their floors and roofs. They often get confused between the finish and flooring. This demarcation also makes them confused and they often get the wrong thing in this confusion. It is therefore very important to distinguish between and know the real difference between the paint and finishing.

Obviously the industrial floor paint is far different from the epoxy floor paint. This difference and confusion can be figured out by learning the texture of paint, epoxy paint, resin flooring and coating.

Nature of epoxy coating

There is often confusion among people about the epoxy floor paint. In fact it is not paint and it should not also be treated as the coating. Similarly the garage floor paint which is regarded as paint, it is also chemically the product related to the class of latex acrylic family. In fact most of the floor coatings …

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Which is the best Epoxy Floor Coating for you?

Have you ever used an epoxy floor coating in your house? If you have used one you can testify that it is indeed one of the best floor coating to use. It is important for you to ensure that the floor where you walk every day is coated with epoxy to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries. Some of the main advantages of using epoxy is because it makes the floors to be seamless, does not allow bacteria to grow or any contaminant to multiply. Such floors are very common in garages, businesses associated with the processing of food, restaurants and many other places especially those of industrial setting. There are several people who have used this type of coating in their homes and they can witness that it is indeed wonderful. They are perfect for use in our homes and more especially in garages and in our kitchens. You need to be very careful when looking for the best epoxy …

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3 Tips for Installing Garage Floor Epoxy

It is true that most of the people fail to understand the garage floor coatings ideas. What most believe in is that the only suitable covering of the garage floor is plain concrete. In real sense there are several garage flooring ideas which can meet your needs. Epoxy coating gives the concrete floor a clean and finished look. The polish makes the floor harder hence it is resistant to scuffing and abrasions. The floor cleaning becomes easier in cases of spills and the garage appearance becomes more cheerful and bright.

You will realize that that the process followed when applying floor epoxy is same as that of painting. When the epoxy floor paint is being applied on a new concrete, then it must be ensured that the floor is free of moisture and clean. The floor must also be free of oil, wax, grease and previously applied sealers with this products.

One part system

Many manufacturers have made it …

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