How to Install an Epoxy Garage Floor

If you decide to paint your home garage, you will find perfectly good paints for it, such as industrial floor paint or epoxy floor paint.

The garage floor suffers a lot. It is normally below the level of the house and is more susceptible to humidity and saltpeter. The best solution to renovate it is to paint the parking lot again. Don’t forget about it!

Step by Step

Before you start painting the parking lot, measure the floor area of ​​your garage and calculate how much paint and primer you will need.

As a general rule, they yield between 10 and 12 m2 per liter of product, so divide your surface by the yield and you will get the cans that you will have to buy of each.

Prepare the soil thoroughly

Painting the home parking lot always implies a previous preparation of the floor surface. Clean it with a degreaser to try to remove oil stains and other dirt as well as possible.

If you have moisture problems, use a specific cleaner by scratching with a bristle brush.

Another necessary step before painting the parking lot is to repair the cracks, flaws or areas of flooring with little consistency. To do this, use a cement mortar.

Prepare it with water following the manufacturer’s instructions and apply it with the help of a spatula and a trowel. Smooth and let it dry for the recommended time.

After this step, you must prepare the surface of the floor, which will generally be porous if it is new, with a primer. This is very important to be able to paint the parking lot correctly. See more!

Clean thoroughly

Vacuum up dust, sawdust, loose plaster and other similar residues with a shop vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, sweep the floor very well.


To apply the primer properly, use a roller – you will need a special one for floors made of synthetic chlorine rubber – and an extension handle, which will make your work more comfortable.

Start at the bottom of the garage and work your way back towards the exit. Wait for the drying time indicated by the manufacturer.

Ready to paint and sign

Once the primer dries, it is time to paint the parking lot with the garage floor product you have chosen.

Spread it well with the roller in passes of different directions, that way you will cover the entire surface without leaving areas.

Before giving a second coat, wait until it is completely dry. After painting the floor, assess whether it is necessary or worthwhile to put a signal line or mark in another color.

It can be very useful if the space has poor lighting, since this type of paint reflects even the least intense light.

Let it dry

Once the resin or epoxy paint has been applied, it requires a considerable drying time to be able to place or carry out any activity on it.

Don’t be impatient, wait long enough and then admire your wonderful new floor.

If all of these steps seem too much to do on your own, you can always hire a professional. For more details read our article:

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